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adrienne_photoI am excited about the many wonderful things going on in our Pomona and Diamond Bar schools! I am honored to be your school board representative and to be a part of the continuing transformation of our District. It is my sincere hope and desire that this site will provide you with valuable information and insight into my passion and commitment to our students, teachers, parents and community. This website is not only designed to provide valuable information about our schools but to also use technology to communicate with parents, students and community members in Pomona and Diamond Bar.

Our children deserve excellence in education, to be prepared to enter the college or career of their choice and succeed. We owe them fiscal accountability and strong community involvement. With dedication, support and hard work, we will continue to strive to secure funding for schools in California and make education a priority. We must continue to push hard on the issues that directly affect education. Please join me and the Associated Pomona Teachers Inc, California School Employees Association Pomona Chapter 14, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, Pomona Mayor Elliot Rothman and Citizens to Re-elect Adrienne Konigar-Macklin for School Board for 2013, and community leaders as we stand for quality education. Visit my photo gallery, click on the links to Pomona Schools or feel free to contact me. I welcome the opportunity to hear from you.

Yours in Education,

Adrienne Konigar-Macklin, Esq.


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